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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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noon on the fox business network. we'll try to get larry the cable guy back. i'm not sure he is willing to come back. thank you very much for joining us. "the five" is next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with juan williams, alyssa francis, eric bolling, greg gutfeld and this is "the five." 70 days until election day and donald trump seems to be gaining on hillary clinton in the polls. the latest survey shows them seven points apart, as opposed to 13 earlier this month. trump clarifying his stance on illegal immigration tomorrow. more on that in a moment. first, fbi is preparing to release materials in relation with hillary clinton's e-mails as soon as tomorrow. the white house says it wasn't
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involved in the decision. >> i've seen those reports. i can tell you that the white house did not consult with the fbi about that decision or any of the other decisions they've made in terms of handling some of the investigative material. >> the fbi's director took questions earlier at a conference and at one point made a joke about the server scandal. >> i would like to take your questions and i'm hoping you're going to think up a question that has nothing to do with secretary clinton's e-mails. >> okay. the release of this information will only prolong the e-mail issue for hillary and she still has to worry about the scandal surrounding her family's foundation. "the new york times" editorial board said the secretary has unethical imperative to cut ties with the charity. ethical imperative to cut ties with the charity, bolling. that means do it now. don't wait till later. it's problematic. does it matter and should it resonate with the voters? >> why cut it now? raised $2.5 billion under this -- whatever the business arrangement they had going on.
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all of a sudden it's unethical to continue? i hope they do continue and citizens united continues to produce documents. i hope judicial watch continues to. cbs or cnn that got the fbi to release these -- i guess they're going to release these transcripts of the interview. to me, that will be the most important thing. yes, the other stuff will be interesting. there are about 30 pages that are transcribed into paper when they went to hillary clinton's house and spent a couple of hours with her. i'm dying to know what they ask her. i'm dying to know if they pushed her. i'm dying to know if they were there for -- >> what do you think, really? >> i think they spent an hour or so and said let me get through these questions. i'm guessing. it's too early -- we shouldn't speculate. i'm guessing there wasn't a lot of second -- going back two, three times like, are you sure you didn't -- you know, are you sure you didn't do this? are you sure you didn't know there was any classified material? did you know they were going to
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classify them as highly classified later on? are you sure -- are you innocent in all this? i'm guessing it wasn't that hard of an interview. >> but also the problem is, greg, what, no reporting so it's relying on notes and whatever documents. >> the issue here is the problem with a story like this is that it's constantly releasing new information over time. it's like cracks in the foundation of a house. it's a problem that prolongs the problem because it's not happening at once. it's happening every other day. and the problem -- the difference between this and a house is hillary clinton can't move out of herself. she's stuck with this. this is going to keep going on. it shows the cynical nature of the clintons. she's like a high school on sunday, unprintable. >> how much ahead did you prepare for that? i like it. >> about an hour. >> exactly. >> juan, is this going to be problematic for her? do you have any problem with it at all? >> well, yeah, i have two
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problems with it. one, i think that they should have close this had foundation a long time ago. i think it invites all sorts of scrutiny and questions about ethics, because it looks like quid pro quo on the surface. i don't care if it's ethical. i would just reiterate, no evidence of illegality. it looks like politicians lining, not their own pockets but at least their reputations, opening doors to favors with their friends. i just don't like it. i was surprised to hear you say don't close it. why close it. >> i want to see what else turns up. >> conspiracy theory -- >> conspiracy theory when you have people buying influence? >> there's no evidence of that. >> buying access. >> there's no evidence. what melissa just said is true. can you say in their minds -- >> access to the white house. >> there's no evidence that anybody actually got a favor done. >> i'm sorry, melissa.
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what i would really like to see is the 33,000 e-mails that are destroyed right now because maybe that's where all the quid pro quo -- the quo of the quid pro quo. >> you are scraping and scratching. >> really? >> you're just trying to build a conspiracy theory to have some hope for donald trump in this election. >> so america agrees with me. >> no, no, no. they agree what? they agree with what? >> there's a problem with the clintn foundation. >> i just said that. you're the one that doesn't want to close it. i want to close it. >> don't worry, juan, we have the transcripts for you from fox news sunday. >> i agree with juan. what the "new york times" said today is the most devastating. they said they're giving access to big donors, they're selling access. you can't be the party of the people and say you're standing up for the poor and then sell access to the highest donors. that doesn't make sense. you can't put up a velvet rope and say your whole purpose for being is you're helping the little guy. it totally undermines their
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entire philosophy, why they say they're in politics and it proves that they're hypocrites. >> the marital drama, greg, between her long-time top aide, huma abedin and husband, anthony weiner. here is donald trump on that. >> in the case of anthony weiner, she's married to a guy that is uncontrolled and uncontrollable. he is a sick person and, you know, she has access to classified information. huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that one, nobody will ever know. but to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. >> greg? >> it's an interesting story. weiner, this is all self sabotage. he knew if hillary wins he wasn't going along for the ride, no way he was moving to washington. he was looking at the big
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picture or perhaps the small picture. here is the bigger issue. he is interesting because it's a compulsive pervert. she's potentially more dangerous but not as interesting or exciting. but her background potentially gives hints there might be something else going on there, with her mother's involvement in that radical islamic journal and there's other things going on there that kind of make you wonder what's there? unfortunately, anthony weiner's perverse compulsions, his desire to expose himself constantly is just more interesting than what may be more dangerous. >> all right. melissa, do you see this as something that is, yeah, cause for concern? certainly something this relevant when huma abedin has been careless and reckless with classified information. this is a whole other matter. the taint of it, i guess -- >> i'm not sure how you stretch
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it over into the clinton camp. i know greg is dying to say weiner over and over again. >> no, i'm not that predictable. >> no? i don't know how you stretch it all the way to the campaign. obviously, to me, it shows that huma abedin has bad judgment i guess but you never know what's going on anywhere in anyone's zblarge yes, you do. there was a documentary on it. i know everything about that marriage. >> but we don't know what's going on in everybody else's marriage. >> but i know that one. >> you were invited to the premiere. >> juan, is this a problem? >> i don't think it's a problem. what the problem is, i can't get over donald trump just trying to make politics, make political hay out of the tragedy of this guy's obsession, as you say, greg. >> sickness. >> perversion or whatever. this is an opportunity to take a shot at hillary clinton? leave a disintegrating family alone, and a woman in pain al e alone. same thing what happened over the weekend with the shooting in
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chicago with dwyane wade, the basketball star's cousin. why is donald trump making that into suddenly a political football? >> we talked about that. >> because there was a political point there. that was pointing out something that he has been drawing attention to, the idea that you have failed -- >> the larger point may have some legitimacy but at that point somebody is dead. >> the way he did it was bad. >> huma abedin, anthony weiner clearly doesn't know how to use the internet. he has now failed twice, miserably, accidentally sent out a picture of himself to the full internet once when he was trying to direct message someone else. if he in on these security briefings that she tends to leave behind stuff like schedules and he reads it and he -- there's the difference. that's why that's different from the other side. >> also, he shouldn't be around children the way he behaves. child protective services. >> that's a big issue. >> that has nothing to do with
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hillary or security. >> no, but i want to put it out there for viewers as a former child abuse prosecutor. >> how many times have we heard about steve bannon's 20-year-old divorce? 100 times. that shouldn't be in there either but the left likes to make a lot out of that as well. here is a guy who is advising donald trump. >> this is an example -- >> talked about a 20-year-old divorce. and huma abedin is now a victim. >> excuse me, is huma abedin out there saying women should get off the internet because they're ruining it for men who want to say crude things about women? no. steve bannon has a history of saying obnoxious things about women. it's been revealed to have violence against women in his divorce. >> the left is using a 20-year-old case, pulling up -- >> he is now -- >> hold on. >> remember that donald trump has a history of saying things that are viewed as masogynistic
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against women. >> something else to talk about you two. donald trump is gearing up for a big speech tomorrow. remember that? to stave off critics who said that he has flip flopped on immigration. rick parry, one of his former opponents turned supporters is coming out in defense of the gop nominee. >> donald trump is not softening his position on immigration. donald trump is going to secure that border in all the different ways you have to do that. he is committed to immigration reform that lets the people in that we want in, in this country, but those that have come in, overstayed their visas, those that have come in, that are criminal elements. those individuals will be rounded up and dealt with appropriately. >> is this helpful, melissa, governor rick perry, someone that looks to fwor guidance and
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did a good job in terms of the border and was on point in that issue. >> this has turned into -- donald trump is out there with this immigration policy. it's however you look at it. and he is kind of maybe this, maybe that. this one says this, this one says the other thing. now in a way, everybody can see what they want to see. the people who were afraid that he was racist and too far to the right, well, he's not going to do that after all and everyone at this point hearing what they want to hear. >> sounds like a political win. >> could be good. >> yeah. >> in terms of the strategy. >> yeah. >> yesterday rush limbaugh admitted that it really doesn't matter what trumpl says. we talked about it before. rush said i knew he really didn't mean it. so it didn't matter. and people who knew that he didn't mean it got trashed for it. now i think he should apologize to everybody he has made fun of for sharing the same beliefs he does. i get t perry is being the good
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soldier. but, you know -- >> i can't believe that he -- >> dick morris? >> no, rick perry. >> i can't believe that trump basically said obama's plan on illegal immigrants is a terrific plan. to me -- >> the difference is, he's saying you have to enforce it. >> no, no, no. more aggressive but -- >> you have to enforce the law. >> that's the plan. i just can't believe that out of donald trump's mouth comes oh, barack obama has the best immigration plan. where is jeb bush? where is marco rubio, gang of eight? >> speaking of mouths, sometimes what comes out of this one. >> i did not say that. >> can i weigh in on immigration? >> okay. i'm trying to save our show. go ahead. i'm kidding. >> let's do this. i'll wait to see what he has to say tomorrow night. >> and then you'll see?
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>> then we'll judge it. >> all right. >> next, is russia trying to undermine our presidential election by hacking into our voting systems? it appears so. fbi's director addressed that very concerning threat this morning. we'll tell you all the details we have ahead. stay with us.
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very serious new concerns about russia trying to meddle with our presidential election. investigating hacking in arizona and illinois and issue aid warning to state election officials nationwide to beef up their cyber security measures. u.s. officials suspect russian hackers are behind the breech. >> we take very seriously any effort by any actor, including nation states, maybe especially nation states, that moves beyond the collection of information about our country and that offers the prospect of an effort to influence the conduct of affairs in our country, whether election or something else. >> russian-backed hackers have
2:19 pm
been blamed for e-mails stolen from the dnc. >> we are actively thinking about election cyber security right now. we should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid. this is something that we're very focused on right at the moment. >> okay, greg. russians are very interested in our election. >>. what's going on? >> warn hlry, have her change her password from chelsea's mom 2016. because she has the problem. >> uh-oh, that's it. >> it's not the hacking and the leaking. it's the hacking, doctoring, leaking. they can take mundane information, insert deviant
2:20 pm
stuff. this is my excuse. into your e-mails or attach images. that's what they're going to do. they're not just going to hack. they're going to doctor it. that's the nature of cyber -- >> look, he loves it. >> it's the russians. >> hacked his twitter account. >> wre. >> that's what he said the first time he had been hacked. remember that? >> yeah but. >> oh, the russians. >> i'm sorry, greg. >> but anyway, i don't think -- you know, they're going to do this to the republicans, too. the russians don't see democrat/republican. they just see america. a disruption of our system is what they want. >> i'm wondering what system they're going to be hacking into. last time i went to vote in new york city, it looked like they moved over people from occupy wall street. they were sitting there. they couldn't find my name in the list. i was certain they were throwing it in the garbage behind them when i gave them my ballot. it was a disaster. people left in the middle. there was nothing official about
2:21 pm
t i was trying to keep a straight face because i had brought my son to show him this civic duty and i'm sure that my vote did not get counted. hacking into what? >> new york? >> yeah. they had pieces of paper and they literally chucked it in a basket behind them when i left. >> don't we hear this every four years? >> not like this year because of what happened with the dnc, the hacking and consensus among the national security people, top intelligence folks in the country that the russians were behind the hacking of the democrats not the republicans and then the debbie wasserman-schultz. the hacking led to the leak. you have a situation. melissa is laymannting it's somewhat antequated of a system. that prevents hacking. you can't hack a paper trail where you can count. the danger is when russians say we know eric bolling is voting
2:22 pm
for donald trump but juan williams, that guy say democrat. we'll pull his name out. all of a sudden, juan shows up, he can't vote. eric shows up, he can vote. >> i love how russians say guess what. >> yeah. >> just like me. who knew? a black russian. >> put some -- >> little kg flavor on this. i went to go vote much like melissa's experience, jurassic park meets jaja binge. no, there's my name right there. i brought rodin. what goes on around here? this doesn't look good at all. no kidding. now imagine this is a very dangerous situation for this election. if they look at voting patterns
2:23 pm
and don't match the past ones and we see wild swings, we could be in anotherore situation all over again. re-enter the hanging chads. >> are we saying the russians wants donald trump to win? >> enter the hanging -- >> she may be as close to the russians as -- >> i think that was another election. >> yeah, it was. to your point, no one can be worse on these elections than us. when i was registered at -- in pennsylvania, i lived there ten years. my name was greg butfeld. i had to go there and find my voting card just to show i'm gutfeld but it says butfeld. >> one anecdotal note, brand new 18-year-olds, 200 people running around signing them up to vote. every single one of them, hillary clinton button supporters. >> that's a bad sign for trump. >> i looked over my shoulder and
2:24 pm
watched him and never said a word to him before in my life about what you are, republican, democrat. he checked off republican. i was like, wow, good job. they all had hillary stuff on. i'm not even sure that's legal. >> you just ruined his like -- buzz kill at college now. >> probably not even watching right now. >> we'll leave it there. ahead, quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to sit out the national anthem in protest. donald trump has a great idea for the 49er unhappy with america. hear that next.
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2:29 pm
pride in a flag for a country that, quote, oppresses black people and people of color. he is still getting a lot of feedback, especially in the sports world. taken issue with the black lives matter movement in the past is weighing in on the controversy. >> also deeper meaning to what he did. you know, he's talking about the owe pregnancy of african-americans in this country and that has been going on for a long time. and i think, you know, a lot of the focus has shifted away from his message and shifted, you know, to some people -- to him taking a stand against the nation, et cetera, et cetera. there is some depth and some truth into what he was doing. i think he could have picked a better platform and better way to do it. >> donald trump has an idea what kaepernick should do if he isn't happy with america. >> i think personally it's not a good thing. i think it's a terrible thing. and, you know, he will -- maybe he should find a country that
2:30 pm
works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. >> well, let me start with you, kg. what do you think of donald trump, so critical of america. >> what? >> the country is falling apart. >> i don't think he's critical of america. i think he said we could do better. >> gop convention, i never saw such a dark view of america. he said kaepernick, for being critical, should get out. what do you think? >> he is entitled to say what he wants to say because we have people who have fought and decide on the battlefield to be able for all of us to sit here and give our opinion without fear of prisal except twitter. i was at a fund-raiser with all the jets players and their quarterback spoke and was eloquent and delivered a passionate speech. this was fantastic. ewas so impressed with the quality and character of the individuals there and then i go -- my 49er team, what's going on, colin?
2:31 pm
what are you doing? you've been given so much opportunity. help bring us together. why do you have to sit down, give such an affront to the men and women who have served. take it to twitter but, you know what? stand. you have two legs to stand on because other people have lost theirs. >> i think part of what drew brees, quarterback for the new orleans saints, said this is about recognizing the u.s. military, pick up on what kimberly was talking about. i don't see it attached to the military. honor the flag even if you have complaints but is it only about the military? >> the flag represents the freedoms that kimberly points out, the people who have died. how many wounded warriors have lost both limbs and would love to be able to stand for the national anthem and can't? two thoughts. $six-year, $114 million contract kaepernick signed for. where else in the world can you do that? maybe a couple of european
2:32 pm
countries. stand for the flag. talk about owe pregnancy -- >> you're not saying stand for the flag because he gets paid a lot of money? >> no, because it's the greatest country in the world. >> i agree with that. >> solidarity for people horopressed in america. what about the people that the wounded warriors, people who are fighting countries, sharia law countries where women are truly oppressed and gays are murdered? those people die for that flag for that reason. stand for the flag. >> melissa, the contrary argument is we've had everything from a woman's right movement to a civil rights movement to a gay rights movement. every time we as america change and our great country allows that change it's because of people who protest and kaepernick stands in that tradition. do you buy it? >> i don't. it feels very small. i know he is getting a lot of media attention for it. he is somebody who makes $19 million a year. there's a lot of things he could do in terms of outreach, in
2:33 pm
terms of charitable deeds, things that people didn't have to see. or you could make a big splash, making a big gesture. you know, he could go out and be a role model. he could advocate. he could make speeches. he could go into communities. i mean, he could bring people on to the field. the but instead to sit instead of standing, to me, seems almost lazy and small and attention getting. and i don't know -- and on himself as opposed to on here is the issue i'm upset about and here is what i'm going to do to fix it. instead he is choosing to just sit down. >> you saw the picks on the internet of the soldier who lost both his limbs and literally is on his amputated -- where his legs would be, standing up like that. you think about that, it puts things into perspective and dr. king, if he were alive today, i don't think he would disrespect the flag or the anthem. he would use words and his voice to send a message for positive change. that's the difference.
2:34 pm
>> greg, spike lee, the director says, wait a second. in fact, kaepernick is operating in the tradition of muhammad ali, who refused to go to vietnam. operating in the tradition of john carlos and tommy smith, who stood with their fists raised to protest the treatment of minorities. what do you think? >> i pledge i will not stand until spike lee makes a good film. two pounts here to make. colin is a genius. he puts america through a logic experiment. what if you sit down during an anthem to protest an oppressive state but if you were allowed to sit down during an anthem to protest an oppressive state the state, therefore, is not oppressive. by sitting down, he actually proved himself wrong. in other countries like north korea or wherever you want, cuba, you would get killed. what's more interesting to me about this fellow, in a recent press conference he didn't just
2:35 pm
wear the malcolm x hat, the fidel castro shirt. basically, mentally, he is someone currently fantasizing radicalism, right? he is turning radicalism into a fetish. it's a face. like a girl discovering bieber for the first time. >> guys like bieber, too. >> that's true. don't tell me i've got to go. i'm not done yet. when an athlete goes through a delayed adolescents because he's been playing sports all his life, also with celebrities and actors. they get to a certain age they lose their relevance in their career and say i want to be known for something else. he gets the hat, the shirt. fidel castro. it's great for his name. it's all over cable news. and that's what he's got. you can't get cut because then he's cut for political reasons. >> what's very important, though, is that he will be sitting on that same bench the whole season anyway. he wasn't going to start. maybe he would have a different attitude if he did risk that
2:36 pm
starting position. >> some people think he is risking it. >> i will tell you this, too. one thing that i forgot to leave out, he also said that hillary should go to jail. we forgot about that. >> right. he's all over the map. we can't cover all the colin kaepernick is up to. next, does this school mascot look too scary to you? >> oh, yeah. >> one principal is concerned that it might frighten incoming students. gregory takes on this issue when "the five" comes right back.
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there's so much evil in this world. war, famine, the red hot chili peppers and now team mascots. one such beast doesn't express enough emotional diversity and must be changed. i speak of herkey, the hawk, who
2:41 pm
upset one enough to say that herky smirky frightens stud wri you to allow herky to be like one of us. sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes angry. she's right. look at that face. it's not inviting. i wouldn't want to eat that at chick-fil-a. seems like an angry bird. ban them too. imagine what that's doing to your children. fact is these days everything is offensive from common words to costume birds. that's why we need trigger words and safe spaces. the world is so scary, the best thing you can do these days is not be born. is it possible a student might actually think herky is a real
2:42 pm
actual monstrous hawk with a grudge and not just a classmate in a costume in it's possible. all this psychological coddling is turning kids into fearful worms. worms. maybe they should be scared of birds. juan, scary mascot, like the redskins? >> actually, the guy who used to dress up as the chief die this had summer. so i don't know what they're going to do about that. >> way to bring it down. >> i know, right? >> they have lovely dancers. do you know what? i had two thoughts about this. i generally prefer the philly phanatic or the happy crazy guy hopping around. that guy looks scary to me. it doesn't bother me. i love what you have to say. i think this is a legitimate trend that you highlight, which is microaggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces. university of chicago this week, not doing it. if you come in here you have to be a big boy. >> you have to grow up,
2:43 pm
kimberly. >> i love university of chicago. >> gold digger. >> grave digger. >> gold. >> gold digger. >> panner. >> yes. >> whatever. >> miner. >> 49er fans. 49ers of the can't even think of the name. what's wrong with us? >> gold digger. >> i'm lost back in the days of joe montana, robby craig and charles daily and steve young. >> taylor, the most underrated receiver, jerry rice. >> all right. can we talk about steve wrung? >> what have you done for us lately? yeah, we said steve young, highly intelligent, prosecutor, got his law degree. anyway, back to the scary bird. this goes on to connect to the whole thing where you have to ban all the halloween costume, no one can be a sushi chef or angry birds because it offends
2:44 pm
someone. there's going to be nothing left to be but trump or hillary. >> this angry pilgrim looks furious. he's angry white man. maybe they should do away with that. what do you think, eric? >> i wrote a book about these trigger warnings, safe spaces. it was good news to hear university of chicago, very liberal university, pushing back on the trigger warningings and safe spaces. scariest thing in iowa, no joke, right now is the price of corn. corn is crushing the state of iowa, right? >> whoa! >> the price of corn in the last month is really -- it's killing farmers right now. by the way, we should do a segment on the farm subsidies. >> my farmer. >> getting creamed. >> oh, that was -- >> i love creamed corn. >> bolling avoided the fox & friends thing we were trying to do and turned it into -- >> fox and fi.
2:45 pm
nds. that's what they call it. the wait is over. the new cast. >> dancing with the stars? >> yeah. they skipped that part. "dancing with the stars" has been revealed. >> what is wrong with you? >> i don't know. it's the drugs. >> olympian. >> olympian and former presidential candidate. the rest of the list ahead. your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance. that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event is on right now! just hit the sat button in your car and listen free thru sept 6.
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"dancing with the stars" revealed its full cast for season 23 this morning. i know i was waiting with bated breath. our buddy, geraldo gave it his best shot last season. '90s rapper, vanilla ice, vying for the mirror ball trophy. so will maureen mccormick. you remember her as marcia brady and former texas governor rick perry as well. and the olympian who cut out of rio as fast as he could after lying about a robbery, ryan lochte. the swimmer appeared on "gma" this morning. >> everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. i think that's what happened. you know, like i said, i did lie about that one part. and i take full responsibility. i'm human. i made a mistake.
2:50 pm
this is pr with the show because i want to put that behind me. i'm never one to dwell in the past. i just want to move forward. >> he dyed his hair. he is on the straight and narrow now, kimberly, and going on "dancing with the stars," perfect celebrity rehab. >> the comeback kid. why not? that's what we do in america. >> by dancing. >> what? >> by dancing. >> a great athlete. i'm quite certain he can dance. don't you think? use his arms at least, and his legs in some fashion. >> neighbor. vanilla ice, do you think he will win the mirror ball? >> no. i have advice for rick perry, though. rick perry, avoid the three step. you might forget the third step. >> very nice. >> well done. >> ooh. ♪ ice ice baby >> doesn't matter. the winner has already been decided. >> who is that? >> gloria hernandez.
2:51 pm
talk about a ringer. that's what she does. she dances. >> not amber rose? >> i don't know. >> juan williams, do you like amber rose, is that who you were thinking? >> be very careful. >> what is her talent? i don't know. but she's a beautiful woman, i guess. >> breaks up relationships. >> kanye's ex. >> got it. got it. >> baby face edmonds, he has a great talent. i'm surprised to see his name in there and laurie hernandez. governor perry, he had a bad back. i guess he made a tremendous recovery. >> good for him. nice guy. >> might be the first one out. geraldo. >> poor geraldo.
2:52 pm
>> i think the -- >> lochte. >> not marcia, marcia, marcia? all right. one more thing is coming up next. ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...
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introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at it's time now for "one more thing." eric, what say you? >> very quickly numbers are in the books right now, august, fox is number one, 168 straight months as number one and in all cable, not just news and beating
2:56 pm
msnbc and cnn combined in 189 months. "one more thing," greatest play of all time, even better than clemente's catch in right field, better than mays' catch, rick monday in 1976 cubs at dodger stadium. two guys on the field, american flag. one guy is putting lighter fluid on the american flag. another guy comes up, ready to light the flag on fire. rick monday comes from center field, grabs the flag. now there, there is a patriotic young man right there. ex-marine, spent six years in the marines. he didn't want the flag burned. rick monday respected the flag. best play ever. >> that was a good one. >> very good. >> greg, yours is not going to -- >> yeah. greg's secret to happiness. nothing more soothing when you're down than the smell of a brand new tennis by the way. let's admit it. we've taken the can and just inhaled it. >> what a weirdo. >> as this fellow knows, you can
2:57 pm
never get enough tennis balls. if you're ever feeling sad, life isn't giving you lemons, fill up a bucket full of tennis balls and have yourself a ball. look at that. >> it's your stunt double. >> yes, it is. >> trigger warning. >> 70 days until the big election in november, but today is also election day. we've got some very hot races for you to keep an eye on tonight. the first, john mccain. calling it his toughest primary challenge of his 29 years in the senate, kelly ward made news recently by saying the 80-year-old senator too old to be re-elected. in florida, two hot races for you, senator marco rubio facing a challenge from a pro-trump opponent in the primary. it looks like he will win easily but have a close race against the democrats in november. democrat is likely to be patrick
2:58 pm
murphy. also in florida, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz, very tough primary race for her congressional seat. she was ousted from her dnc chairmanship, as you recall, due to e-mail revelations and still remains one of the most polarizing political figures not only in the country but within her own political party. >> thank you so much for that. it almost made me lose my appetite, but nothing can. because it's time for kimberly's food court. papa john's, you are now able to order a pizza on your iphone app with your papa john account to locate and enjoy your delicious pizza. feast your eyes on this. one production problem here. sean, my sweet producer, forgot to put my favorite pepperoni on my pizza. nonetheless, we're going to have
2:59 pm
some. melissa? are you interested? >> i ordered domino's on my phone. >> well, they were aattracted to apple tv because of its commitment to innovation and customer experience, two priorities -- >> this is not a real story. >> excuse me. why are you interrupting me? >> you just want to have pizza. >> so what? everyone knows that already mostly. >> i don't know what show i'm on here. >> fox & friends. take a lookhe adorable violet. ♪ >> she's singing her abc's like no one has ever belted them out before. >> this is better than britney from vma's. >> it's true. she is adorable. from shreveport, louisiana. 4 million people have watch this had video and rightly so. my pizza, i salute you.
3:00 pm
adorable. >> fantastic. we love it. >> that will be it for us today. we're going to share our pizza. "special report" is next. we'll have a slice. new deleted benghazi e-mails. new deleted clinton foundation e-mails and some of the fbi's work product that led to the decision not to charge hillary clinton with a crime. all set to be released in coming days. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. when the head of the fbi said he would not recommend charges against hillary clinton over her e-mail scandal, there were a lot of questions. now the public will see some of the raw fbi notes that led to that decision. portions of the fbi report of its investigation will be released very soon. possibly in a day. tonight, w


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